Campaigning for Women's Day

Interflora Finland
Interflora was in the need of effective campaign for upcoming International Women’s Day. Inteflora was looking for something memorable using banner ads and short-form stories to deliver impact for their video marketing, showcase their new products and activate their customers to send appreciation to women around the world.


Boost in sales in comparison to 2017


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In the world where people consume marketing content across plenty of different platforms, creating separate campaigns for each one can raise the marketing budget over the top. The challenge was how to champion the heroes of the day, deliver a strong message to engage viewers across all the medias and transform banner ads to six-second bumpers using motion graphics to save resources, time and money?


To keep the campaign uniform across the different medias we had to keep the message consistent and plan the banner ads with six-second videos in mind. The key visuals were created to work as good in still and in motion. This way working on tight budget, there was no need to choose between banners and bumper animation. The customers were in both platforms, so was Interflora. As a creative perspective we were getting playful with story craft, kept the heroes of the day, women, in focus - and celebrated them. As a brand perspective we gave trust for the strong message and visuals, and never showed the actual product - except in the product videos, which were made for this purpose and were filmed in same session with Valentines product videos to produce two campaigns as cost-effective as possible.

Tools of choice
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere

Distrikt13 created a cost-effective campaign which boosted our sales. The audience related to the message and took part by sharing it.

Katja Teikari

Chief Executive Officer


With careful planning and efficient creative direction we did more with less and didn’t break the bank. We saw impressive 40,5% growth in sales compared to 2017. Distrikt delivered the message to the right people and created engaged audience who took the story, shared it and related to it. Emotions are a key factor in viral content.

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Joel Kinnunen
Joel Kinnunen


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