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Automated lead generation

Cuuma's sales team was using quite a lot of time on finding new potential customers. They were looking to free up a magnitude of time to focus on customers that we're in need of a communcation solution. Even though Cuumas solution is a state of the art communication platform, their former marketing site wasn't delivering this message to their customers.

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Modern eCommerce platform

Interfloras service is highly valued by customers during holiday seasons. By examining peaks in load we noticed that queries increased approximately 63 times in relation to the normal load while writes needed capacity for 12 times more. More than a third of Intefloras customers want to have their greetings delivered during the same day and cutoff time for service regions differ. Customer data ownership was at a third party service provider, making sense of the data was a communicational burden rather than technological. System development had stagndated due to will of paying for it since IP's would remain at the provider and higher customer expectations created challenges for the way of doing business today.

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Efficient route planning with Data

Finding an optimal route planning model for delivering goods and their related payments while simultaneously keeping the end customer, florist members and head quarters satisfied. Every party wants to save money while raising the bar on service level. Routing of orders to correct shop based on variables provided by business while making sure the same day deliveries are fulfilled consistently.

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Website generator for data visualisations

Koponen + Hildén was keen to find an alternative solution to Wordpress for publishing project based data visualisation websites. They were looking for lightweight, easy to deploy and customisable project template that would also serve as a base for their own website. Our challenge was to combine the technology and design into a truly working body.

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A glimpse of Noorderzon 2017

Keeping a tight budget while producing videos on a daily basis meant that the job was for a minimal crew that could handle all parts of production. Luckily Distrikt embraces general specialists and we had the man for the job. The aim of the videos was to get prospects excited and intrigued to visit their festival, get insight of the program and reach a wider audience using Facebook Video. Variety, quality and scale of the festival was in need to get documented.

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Campaigning for Valentine's

Valentines Day is one of the biggest business opportunities for Interflora and they were looking to hit their sales targets. With a lot of competition in the gift sector for Valentines, Inteflora had to find a way to stand out as memorable option. Customer segments wanted to be reached with unique messages while keeping the media budget to a minimum.

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Campaigning for Women's Day

In the world where people consume marketing content across plenty of different platforms, creating separate campaigns for each one can raise the marketing budget over the top. The challenge was how to champion the heroes of the day, deliver a strong message to engage viewers across all the medias and transform banner ads to six-second bumpers using motion graphics to save resources, time and money?

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