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Plan for the unexpected, achieve the unimaginable
Our core team has an extensive background in understanding what it takes to transform organizations into companies that innovate, collaborate and succeed. We understand holistic design, software development and effortless project management. Our strength, however, is our team’s capability in building businesses and restructuring processes. In other words, we believe in simplification and high-level automation. Lean and agile methods are practices we trust.
Kaarlo Niinistö

Kaarlo Niinistö

Product Lead

A problem solver who fosters culture of learning. Kaarlos background is in marketing and software development.


Joonas Uotila

Business Designer

Joonas has strong background in people management and software development with experience of leading lean and agile projects.

Joel Kinnunen

Joel Kinnunen


Passionate about practical, yet beautiful solutions to add customer value and market opportunity. Iterating for optimal UX.

Eetu Jalonen

Eetu Jalonen

Software Architect

Passionate and ever-hungry full-stack developer. Focuses on building web applications using modern technologies, and practices.

Ulla Borgenström

Ulla Borgenström

Financial Officer

Ulla is a financial officer who handles bookkeeping to the smallest detail and creates budgets to guide overall business strategies.

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Your Name

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Functional programming, public & private clouds, CI/ CD, Event Sourcing, Kubernetes, Agile development methods, Node.js, SQL/ noSQL, Big Data, React+Redux, Android & iOS

How We Stand


We are a group with love for the extraordinary. Our workplace cultivates trust across high-performing and cross-functional teams aligned around common business goals.


We encourage people to grow and evolve their talents. Everyone in our organization works together to build an effective team that is ready to create impacts.


We practice transparency to the fullest and continuously improve our processes. Collaboration and use of modern tools help us to adapt change with speed.

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We make sure that your end-customer has their expectations fulfilled and exceeded.