Dig in, go and see


Ideas well packaged


Elegant solutions envisioned


Good enough is not enough


Ship it in!


Data is king


Improvement through insights


Those who are aware and proactive, win.

We research, a lot. Our team will jump head-first into the exploration of your workflow and strategy. In order to help you with new revenue models and value streams, we must truly understand your business. With an intelligent grasp of the work at hand, we make sure that your end-customer has their expectations of high level service fulfilled and exceeded.


Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.

How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things, but how well we are understood. Working together with our clients through the whole process we create concepts with a clear focus on developing your business and changing behaviour.


Modern software for todays business challenges.

Our strength is in understanding the underlying business value in systems and platforms provisioned. We tailor digital products based on your business requirements focusing on current challenges. We've been living in the cloud for a while, eager on microservices and would love to help you with continuous delivery.


Building the audience for success.

Distrikt13 creates mesmerising stories with relatable content. We reach our clients’ target groups with focused strategy to create long-lasting and sustainable relationships that boost sales.


Data has become the new king.

Distrikt13 has extensive knowledge of collecting and analysing data. We focus on metrics that make you act rapidly on critical changes and let you react to the future before it happens. Our clients are able to make quick and data-driven decisions when based on meaningful data and insightful analytics.

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